Rocket Pictures #5

Saturn 1B Drafting Project

This started as a project to draw the Estes Saturn 1B to obtain the tube lengths required to build a RockSim model. As the project progressed, I added more details (like the Launch Escape System (LES) tower). This is still a work in progress, and I will try to update the files occasionally.

I have created a set of drawings showing the tube locations, shroud patterns, and dimensions of the LES system. You may download them (Autocad ".dwg" format. They aren't complete--as I obtain more details, I will add them.

For some reason, when I convert the SolidWorks drawing format to Autocad, the arrow heads on the dimensions disappear. If I get this figured out, I will re-post the drawings.

Note these drawings are sized for a "D" (22 x 34 inch) size sheet of paper. They can be scaled down, but you will lose details. "B" size (11 x 17 inch) is the smallest size I would recommend.

  • PDF file of Saturn 1B Assy drawing Sht 1 to 10

If you don't have Autocad, you can download a free viewer that will let you view the files and print them out. It is available at the Autodesk web page--be sure to use the "Volo View" freebie to view ".dwg" files!

Saturn 1B RockSim Analysis

The data from the SolidWorks model was used to create a RockSim analysis file.

Here is the RockSim file (ver 6 format) in a zip file. Note you will have to add BT51, BT63, BT100, and BT101 tubes to the body tube data base to make the model work correctly. These dimensions are available from Rocketry Online

Also, you need to add a new material called "Spacer" with a density of 0.001 lb/cu ft in order to model the center tube containing the 8 BT51 fuel tanks.

Cloning the Estes Saturn 1B (K-29)

Here is a link to a site that discusses how to clone the Estes classic! There is a link there to obtain the body tubes.